Sequencing service

Our expertise

Since 2010 the MLL applies NGS in routine diagnostics, continuously optimizing every step of the workflow, ranging from library and sequencing preparation to the development and integration of bioinformatics tools as well as an in-house database for detailed and accurate interpretation of NGS data. Currently more than 25,000 samples are analysed by NGS and evaluated at the MLL in a year. In addition active research interest includes our “5,000 genome project” for which more than 4,500 whole genome and whole transcriptome samples have been sequenced so far. Aggregating the data more than 2,000 MiSeq runs, >500 NextSeq runs and >1,500 NovaSeq runs, including >220 S1, >800 S2, >220 S4 flow cell runs, have been performed.

What we offer

Reproducible library preparation
Through a high degree of automation
High quality sequencing data
Due to stringent quality control
Fast turn-around times
Due to state-of-the-art technologies
Sophisticated data analysis
Due to a broad range of NGS expertise
By 15 years of diagnostic experience
Highest standards
WGS and WTS in an accredited setting
(DIN EN ISO 15189 / DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025)
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