Clinical studies

Our expertise

The requirements of a clinical study include not only targeted diagnostics, but also sample processing after arrival from various countries within specified turnaround times. Standardization and quality management are of great importance here, as everything has to run in the prescribed channels. MLL Dx, as a sister of the MLL Munich leukemia laboratory, has a long history of studies in which it served in 45 clinical trials as a diagnostic reference laboratory. In the last 15 years we analyzed more than 16,200 samples within this clinical studies. We see ourselves as partners and diagnostic consultants to make a study clinically valuable as we have direct contact to the clinicians and know the needs of the daily clinic and treatments. The team of our own department Medical Documentation guarantees a well-organized process and transfer of data.

Our Services

We combine all relevant methods used in the diagnostics of leukemia and lymphoma under one single roof. We are always methodically up-to-date and are continuously setting new standards through further development. Our offered analyses are therefore comprehensive and include not only official recommendations but also scientific findings.

Quality Management

Since 2009 the MLL has been accredited according to the international standards DIN EN ISO 15189 "Medical laboratories - special requirements for quality and competence" and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" and have successfully maintained these accreditations since then. In the same way, MLL Dx started quality management according to these two standards soon after its foundation and received this accreditation right away in 2019.

What we offer

Comprehensive diagnostics of leukemia and lymphomas
Diagnostic reports to the clinical sites
Structured data transfer to the study organization
Sample storage for later compre- hensive molecular genetic analyses
WGS and WTS for biomarker discovery
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